To Print Or Not To Print?

What’s your relationship with printers? There was a time when they were purely office devices for those with funds.
So much to see out here. I could spend hours at 798. I think when I get home, I need to do Instagram series just on the #streetart I’ve seen here. 

#beijing #china #art
Down for a good hustle. Man did this in 2 minutes. Got him down to half the price in 30 seconds. Probably still overpaid but we all just trying to make a living. Ps. Supposed to be me for those who can’t figure it out

#summerpalace #china #beijing #art #streethustle
I’m a Predator

#adidas #threestripes #kicks @adidasza
A warhorse in repose #mobilephotography #mobilography #itsarush
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Teen quotes


Mens fashion, style, suits, gentlemen @

Decided to take these out for a spin. Been sitting in a box for a while. #brogues #instawear #instafashion
The alcohol brand space is such a competitive one. Each brand is manoeuvering to find a space for itself amongst the cacophony. Just received this from #JackDaniels as it seeks to amplify their which is a music competition of sorts.
That moment when and Amazon order arrives. Jules & Vincent Vega Pop! vinyl figures. Have to figure out where to put them. #pulpfiction #pop #vinylfigure